Drug Free Workplace

A Drug Free Workplace Program (DFWP) is a program designed to help employers establish safer and more cost-effective workplaces. You can join countless other employers by choosing to keep your employees safe and reduce the chance of an accident caused by substance abuse. The DFWP encourages employers to detect and deter substance abuse and take appropriate corrective actions.
 Substance abuse is often the silent and unseen cause of work-related accidents. Unfortunately, employers responsible for the behavior of their substance-abusing employees. Not only do alcohol and drugs affect the profitability of companies, they also affect the health, safety and productivity of employees. Statistics from national studies demonstrate how costly substance abuse is within the workplace. Estimates of the cost of substance abuse to employers vary. The cost to an employer of a substance abuser ranges from $7,000 to $25,000 per year.
Implementing a DFWP will not only help employers cut down on lost productivity but it will also allow employers to receive 10% to 20% on their Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Employers who implement a DFWP provide greater protection for themselves and all their employees.
Consider the following benefits:
· Increased productivity
· Decreased severity of accidents
· Fewer accidents
· Reduction in use of Workers’ Compensation medical benefits by
substance abusers.
· 10% to 20% savings on Workers’ Compensation Insurance premiums
· Decrease in theft