Groups & Workshops

We offer groups to help people with the emotional and personal side of life. Our groups are designed to help children, adolescents, teens, young adults, adults, couples, parents, and single parents. We believe all ages can benefit from help and support - and it can make a lasting difference in the lives of everyday people. Help and support is often the key to transforming a person’s life. 

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Children of Divorce:  
· Why Parents Divorce
· Confusing Changes      
· Feeling Sad or Angry
· Where Do I Fit In?
Teens of Divorce:
· Feeling Stressed Out / Caught in the Middle
· Anyone to Blame?
· The Moving Blues
· Outside Influences
· Step-Parents
Parenting Through Divorce:
· Do’s and Don’ts / Common Thinking Errors
· Helping Your Children Navigate Divorce
· Alienation Syndrome
· Co-Parenting Communication
 Teen Anger:
· Know Your Triggers / Taming a Temper
· Self-Awareness and Self-Control
· Negative Feedback and Fighting Fairly
· Dealing with Bullies and Difficult People
 Adult Anger:
· Spotting Your Triggers / Action or Reaction?
· Alternative Techniques
· Resolution vs. Revenge
· Dealing with Difficult People
  Drug & Alcohol Education:
· What, How, and Why
· The Hijacked Brain
· Hidden Problems / Who’s Affected Most
· Options and Outcomes
· What You Can Do
  Intervention Alternatives:
· Understanding Intervention as a Process
· Rock Bottom, Myths, and the New Normal
· Educate and Prepare Yourself and Your Family
· Options and Exploring Alternatives
· Creating your Action Plan
· Support Systems & Boundaries
· Intervention Rehearsal & Guidance
 Just For Kids (Social Skills for Children 9 to 12):
· Picking and Being a Good Friend
· Problem Solving
· What About Feelings?
· I Want To Do It Myself!
· Social Media Limits & Boundaries
 Life Skills for Teens (Development Workshop, Teens 13 to 17):
· Peer Pressure is Real
· When Feelings Collide
· Social Media Overload
· Knowing What I Know and What I Don’t (asking for help)
· Ethics, Integrity, and Behavior
· Setting Personal Goals