Testing and Academic Services 

Many of our clinicians have extensive experience in addressing the educational, emotional, social and behavioral challenges that children and adolescents experience:

Jackie Cartwright, LPCC
Nancy Lowrie, MSSA, LISW-S, SAP
Timothy Schuerr, LISW
Carolyn Szweda, LISW-S
Carrie Jancar, LISW
Molly Brigham, LISW
Holly Lynch, LISW

• On-site therapy in schools
• Academic Achievement Testing
• ADD/ADHD assessment/diagnosis/treatment
• Psychological and Behavioral Testing and Treatment
• Career Counseling
• Choosing and Preparing for College

• Bullying

• Classroom Management Skills
Increasing Self-Esteem

Body Image
• Assistance with IEP's
• IQ Testing
• Test Anxiety